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If you don't enjoy the process you're already defeated!

About Us


 Fitness Performance Center opened its doors in 2003 with the thought of "going back to the future" of fitness and athletic prep.A time when working out and training didn't mean a bunch of "bells and whistles" to keep one interested.  No mirrors, no tv's  no nonsense. Just raw basic equipment that works, and results!

You never know who you may be training next to at FPC. There is the high school girl getting ready for her upcoming lacrosse season doing agility drills. A group of baseball players, high school players getting warmed up with a few D1 ball players and a local player who was drafted by a MLB team. A 68 year young golfer is working on his fitness to better his game and be ready for his 150 rounds he will play this golf season. and the moms, these women are second to none when it comes to working hard and challenging themselves. Sled pushes, sled drags, pull ups, rope climbs and numerous other exercises make these women fierce and fit! 

Athletes of all sports working hard to become better on the field or court. The "older" guys giving the young athletes a hard time about not working hard enough, all in good fun and support. Everyday people creating an atmosphere of hard work and a common goal - to become better and get results!

Meet the Trainers

Shawn Cavitch, Owner


 With over 35 years of experience in the fitness and sports performance field, Shawn brings a vast knowledge base to each and every client he trains. Shawn has decades of extensive, specialized training with some of the most sought after fitness educators and performance coaches in the country.  Athletes and non athletes alike  will immediately recognize they are being trained by an expert in  systems of sports performance training, pain reduction, posture and specialized movement.  When you want real results , whether you're an athlete looking to become better at your sport or you're looking to get into the best shape of your life, Shawn has the program and experience to help you.

Z-Health Level IV Trainer

Neural Performance Specialist

Certified Speed & Agility Coach

Certified Kettlebell Institute Trainer

Michael Carnevali


 Losing 100lbs can change a life, just ask mike Carnevali. As a child and teen who always battled a weight problem, 320 was finally enough and it was time to do something about it. Mike got serious about a fitness training program, cleaned up his diet and 7 months later was 100 lbs lighter!  Inspired by the change both mentally and physically, mike decided to make a career in the fitness industry so he could help others make a change with their fitness and health. After studying Exercise science and becoming a certified  trainer, mike started his career here at the Fitness Performance Center.  With 7 years of experience in the field with certifications in CrossFit, z-health, personal training and training for warriors, Mike brings his enthusiasm for training into each and every workout season  with those that he trains.  Mike can often be found doing a spartan race, tough mudder, rucking for 12 hours or hitting the trails on his mountain bike on most weekends to push himself towards his fitness goals!